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Hairdo: Straight Diva

My beautiful ladies,

The “Hair Wizard” is back! Haha That’s right, like I had promised, there will be 8 beautiful hairdo tutorials that you all will be able to do at home. In addition, each week you will be able to choose which hairdo I will demonstrate for the following week! The tutorial today is for the stunning hairdo you guys chose last week – the STRAIGHT DIVA! If I was able to do it alone, you will be able to as well! All you need is patience and the right products!



This hairdo can be used for weddings, graduation parties or for a day you want to look hot! The best thing is that it’s easy to! Check out the tutorial below.



Extra Hold Spray (Resistant to moisture reduces frizz and keeps each strand in place. Leaves no residue after washing and is ideal to be used on dry hair. Long lasting for 12hrs)

Straightening Serum (Helps maintain strands for a more smooth and lasting blow dry. Protects against thermal damage and helps to dry faster. Ideal to be used in damp hair)

 Glam Red Lipstick

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I want to thank all of you who voted last week; I love it when you guys participate! Don’t forget to vote today for the hairdo you would like to see for next Thursday! Simply login to [cool]

2014 Winter Campaign by Riachuelo

Hi my loves,

You all know that I have already chosen my favorite pieces from the Fall and Winter collections by Riachuelo, right?! Among several pieces, I was able to choose my top 10, I must confess it was a hard task; I fell in love with everything.

To top things off, we photographed the whole collection in the beautiful yet cold climate of New York. Among several sceneries, we chose Central park, the Brooklyn Bridge, rooftop of buildings, and of course the yellow cabs.

The collection is a mixture of the rocker and sportive trends, which has made everything even more interesting and super stylish. The cool thing is that, the rebel punk look appears in romantic plaid patterns of reds mixed with floral backgrounds, there is no way you can’t fall in love with this mix of incredible pieces.

We have prepared some tips with my favorite looks, check them out:


I hope you are all enjoying the collection as much as I am!

The Hits: How to wear dark Floral

Hi loves,

Today there is a new episode of The Hits - your online fashion tutorial. I am beside my sweet fashion woman Alice Ferraz and the great stylist Yan Acioli, will be telling you all about darker floral, a beautiful and super feminine trend that will be a hit this winter! I really hope you all enjoy the tips we will be giving and today’s looks. Let’s check it out? [ow]



Do you girls enjoy the tips?

XoXo [love]

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“From the runways to real life” – Maxi Knits

Since all fashion week happens all over the world, many times, we are in doubt of how to incorporate what we see on the runway to everyday life. We are going to show you throughout the blog hot new trends for the season and how they can be worn in your day-to-day. The trend we will be discussing is long and heavy knit clothing that was very much shown on the runway.  How to wear this style? First, find a piece that can be worn with several different clothes that you have in your wardrobe to create different looks full of styles. If you don’t already have one in a neutral color, take advantage of this tone, it can make all the difference. Pair it up with long skirts or skinny jeans – you can’t go wrong. In contrary to the runway, you can wear your cardigan with more basic items you have, that way you look won’t be so dramatic. Consider the tweed as a layering; it can be worn on top of tops and tank tops. Inspire yourselves and try out this new trend.
 photo MaxiandheavyCasacospesados_zpsdcbf9dae.jpg

If you want to learn more, check out: bloglookdodia_paula or

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Review: Color Design palette – Azur Chic by Lancome

My lovely ladies!

Summer is right around the corner and brands have launched their bright and beautiful collections! One of the presents in which I received when I got home was an Azur Chic palette (6 colors) from the new summer collection “French Riviera“ by Lâncome. They sent me everything, but the palette was what really caught my attention with such beautiful and super pigmented colors. Since I know you all like new and exciting things, I had to do a baaaasic review (haha) Check out how beautiful it is.

azur chic1


The palette comes with 6 shimmering colors (shimmer is a must this summer), in sober tones such as champagne, gold, copper, and two tones of blue. Inspired by tiles at the bottom of a pool and the warmth of the sun, this new versatile palette conveniently creates a complete look for the day or night!

azur chic2

Beautiful isn’t it?! Soon I will record a tutorial using this beauty!

Did you like it ladies? [cool]

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