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The Importance of Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises work the heart, which is a muscle, in strengthening it. But the benefits of aerobic exercises are beyond the heart, the whole body benefits from it.

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Many of the benefits are with the practice of regular aerobic exercises (3 to 6 days a week). Here are some of them:

  • Improves our mood and fights against depression, anxiety, and stress. The regular practice of aerobic exercises promotes the release of endorphin substances which act as natural painkillers in addition to combat against stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Greatly improves self-esteem.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Strengthens the muscles of the heart; increasing cardio respiratory capacity. The heart pumps more blood with every beat allowing a reduction in heart rate at rest and during physical activity.
  •  Improves the level of good cholesterol; the HDL.
  • Increases resistance to fatigue giving you more energy to complete day-to-day tasks:  tired at short term, during and immediately after the exercises, but in the long term it is responsible for a greater provision and reduce in fatigue.
  • Prevents diseases such: as hypertension, diabetes, cerebral vascular accidents and obesity. Obesity is a factor that contributes to the development of cardiac diseases, hypertension, cerebral vascular accident, diabetes and some types of cancer. By losing weight, it reduces the risk of developing these diseases.
  • It helps with weight loss: Since these exercises burn fat, it is possible to reduce the amount of body fat.

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The more immediate results are the improvements in energy and improvement of blood circulation. The other benefits operate as a “savings account”: where the more we practice, the more our health improves through exercises such as walking, pedaling, and dance or swim.

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It is important to regularly workout to improve results with physical activity. The cumulative effects are the most effective for health. In addition, we can feel the effects of relaxation after aerobic exercises by the release of endorphins which is a neurotransmitter like acetylcholine and dopamine; they are all released in aerobic exercises. These hormones are called hormones of pleasure by the effects of relaxation that they produce.

Don’t forget to do your daily aerobic exercises!

XoXo and have a happy-fun workout! [love]

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Hair Brazil Fair with Cadiveu

Hi ladies,

I am sure you all might have noticed that one of my commitments during my stay in Brazil was participating for the second time at the Hair Brazil fair with Cadiveu. You all know I LOVE the line Bossa Nova; I really enjoy doing my curls using it, they come out great and last for a long time! For that reason, I felt honored when asked to be the cover girl for their line. There is nothing better than being able to represent a brand that you really like and believe in.

The day of the fair, I did a live tutorial teaching how to curl my hair using a straightening iron (have you learned how to do it??, it comes out awesome!), I raffled wonderful gifts and took soooo many pictures with my beautiful readers/followers that were present that day. It was definitely a very unique and special day with all of you. Thank you very much for your presence!


Did you girls enjoyt it?! I loved the experience and I am super excited for the next.

Trend Alert! Fashion Rio – How to wear?

When Fashion Rio ended, we were able to notice which trends were shown on the runway. One of them was definitely the vest. The vest was shown in various fabrics and styles, it certainly is a piece of clothing worth having.  If you want to wear it during the day, a good option would be to wear brighter colors.  A colorful sleeveless top and a bold color skirt are the best complements to break the norm. In order to walk comfortably and with style, simply wear basic flat sandals, for example, gladiators. For an edgier look, incorporate long earrings and a purse with fringes! How to wear a vest for a night out? Here I opted for a shorter vest. Symmetry is achieved by wearing a longer and flowy top underneath the shorter vest. Black pants are always a great option when choosing a nocturnal look.  In addition, throw on zebra print stilettos, since animal print is always in style.  Big earrings will finalize the look and make all the difference! Another trend that was shown was stripes. For the daytime, I opted to put together a look with a more sportive theme. The bomber jacket unifies the stripes to make a greater impact with the mix of prints. The jean shorts brings a more cooler and comfortable look.  For shoes, comfort with super cute sneakers! For the night time, stripes and animal print are definitely a good combination and brings out a sensual visual. The midi skirt is also in style and is a key factor when putting together an outfit. The red belt brings color and the black skirt modernizes the attire.  Now inspire yourselves!
 photo trendalertfashionrio_zps2a23eba6.jpg

To learn more, check out bloglookdodia_paula or

English Video: Rocker look

Hi loves! There is a new video up on my English channel (MakeupbyCamila2 on Youtube)! I created the rocker makeup that the followers from  Makeupbycamila2  had been asking for! I love bold makeups  like this one, smokey eyes never goes out of style, right?! It’s perfect for those nights you want to rock out and look hot at the club! I hope you girls like it and enjoy the step by step. Let’s check it out?  

Did you girls enjoy the video?

Fall looks by Costume!

Good morning, ladies!

Lets start our week with inspirational looks for this Fall?!  Such a delightful season, not too cold but also leans us towards darker colors and charming patterns like plaid (HIT pattern for the season), in which I am wearing on one of the looks below! Once again I have chosen 3 beautiful looks by Costume, a national brand that I love, in which there are beautiful collections that always bring out bold fashion statements.

The first look is sooo me! I chose a very cute and feminine flowy  red and black paid dress! I paired it up with black sandals and I added a thick belt to mold the body. The cool thing is that this dress is super versatile, it would look great with flats or even gladiators for a simple day-to-day look. In addition, you could also wear it with knee high boots for a bolder look for the night time!



Credits: Dress Costume / Sandals: Vicenza / Belt: BCBG / Purse: Chanel

The second look is such a charm! I chose a black high waisted skirt, with a thicker fabric and a light flare (this cut emphasizes the legs), I paired it with a beautiful all lace red top with leather sleeves, such a charm! Lastly, I completed the look with ankle high boots to make the outfit cool while still being very feminine!



Credits: Skirt and Top Costume / Boots: Vicenza /

For the third look I chose a white pair of flare pants, which fits superrr well, and I paired it with a printed top and a brown belt. I love these kind of looks, super casual yet chic.



Credits: Pants and top Costume / Shoes Christian Louboutin / Belt Costume / Purse Jimmy Choo

Did you guys like it? Which one was your favorite look?